Open Courts

Courts are available for drop-in tennis on a first-come, first-play basis during Open Court time periods. Open times are shaded green on the Court Availability Schedule.

In the spirit of fairness and friendship, we ask all Members to respect the following guidelines:

  • Courts will change at the "TOP OF THE HOUR" when others are waiting. (This policy applies for all Town of NOTL tennis courts.)
    • Members cannot hold an empty court for a group not present. At least one of the waiting group must be available to claim a free court or it goes to the next waiting Member or group present.
      • Just because you normally play at a specific time does not mean you have priority. If you know your preferred time is in high demand, arrive early so that you are "next in line" for a free court.
       Club Groups and Regular Games

      Court reservations may be requested for Regular or Club Group Games of 8 or more Members (minimum 2 courts).

      Club Groups must be willing to accept new participants who play at a compatible level.

      Email to request a reserved time, providing these details:

        • Number of courts required.
          • Preferred play days, start and stop times. Start times may be on the hour or half hour, starting at 8:30 am.
            • List of regular players and spares. Sufficient spares should be available to ensure reserved courts are being used as agreed.
              • Name of Group Coordinator who will manage play.
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