Always Play Safe:

  • Only play when courts are dry.
  • Follow the directions of Club Coordinators at the courts.
  • "Tone down" when playing with less experienced players.
  • If you see a stray ball YELL "ball on the court".
  • If the stray ball is on your court, stop play and replay the point.
  • Carefully return stray balls when play is stopped.

    Be a Good Sport:

    • Set a positive example.
    • Be considerate and respectful of others, on and off the courts.
    • Introduce yourself to new Members.
    • Be patient awaiting your turn to play; let others finish their game.
    • Play fairly, acknowledge good shots, shake hands after matches.


    • Don't distract other players while a point is in progress.
    • A shot is "in" unless you clearly see the ball land outside the line.
    • Return balls directly to the server, not to the back of the court.
    • Wait for play to stop before you cross a court.
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