Always Play Safe:

  • Only play when courts are dry.
  • Follow the directions of Club Coordinators at the courts.
  • "Tone down" when playing with less experienced players.
  • If you see a stray ball YELL "ball on the court".
  • If the stray ball is on your court, stop play and replay the point.
  • Carefully return stray balls when play is stopped.

    Be a Good Sport:

    • Set a positive example.
    • Be considerate and respectful of others, on and off the courts.
    • Introduce yourself to new Members.
    • Be patient awaiting your turn to play; let others finish their game.
    • Play fairly, acknowledge good shots, shake hands after matches.


    • Don't distract other players while a point is in progress.
    • A shot is "in" unless you clearly see the ball land outside the line.
    • Return balls directly to the server, not to the back of the court.
    • Wait for play to stop before you cross a court.

    rules of tennis

    To view or download Tennis Canada's book Rules of the Court, which includes the ITF Rules of Tennis, rules interpretations, tournament procedures and officiating, click or tap this link:

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