Mission and vision statements

Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for members of all skill levels to play tennis within a safe and enjoyable environment.

Our Club Vision

We aspire to grow an inclusive membership supported by improved programs, facilities and financial sustainability.

our goals and core values


  • Encourage new members of all ages and abilities
  • Emphasize a socially cohesive environment for all to enjoy
  • Inspire people to be active and fit
  • Encourage and support volunteerism
  • Involve different members in Club executive succession planning
  • Enhance tennis and social programs
  • Improve skills by providing access to equipment and instruction
  • Promote our heritage and historical archives
  • Ensure a safe playing environment
  • Maintain courts and buildings in very good condition
  • Ensure financial sustainability

Core Values

  • Encouraging sportsmanship
  • Respecting court etiquette
  • Safe practices
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Inclusiveness and diversity
  • Sustainability
  • Friendship and laughter

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