How we conduct ourselves on the court reflects who we are as a Club. We ask all players to follow these guidelines:

  • Set a positive example.

  • Be considerate and respectful of others, on and off the courts.
  • Introduce yourself to new Members.
  • Be patient awaiting your turn to play; let others finish their game.
  • In Open Court Times if others are waiting, leave the court promptly at the end of an hour's play. Tell waiting players when your hour is up and the court will be free.
  • Play fairly, acknowledge good shots, shake hands after matches.
  • Playing up and playing down: Use good judgement when playing with less experienced players — perhaps "toning down" so that your serves and returns are not a danger to less experienced players. Give them the opportunity to learn from you. Chances are you progressed because other advanced players gave you a chance to learn. "Pass it on" in friendship and sportsmanship.
  • Follow the directions of Club Coordinators at the courts.

  • Don't talk or distract fellow players while a point is in progress.
  • If a stray ball comes on to your court while a point is in play, call a "let" and replay the point.
  • Your opponent's shot is "in" unless you very clearly see the ball bounce outside the line. Balls that touch the outside edge are "in".
  • Always play safe. Loose balls on the court can be a danger to your partner or opponent. When you see a loose ball bounce within the playing zone, call a "let" and stop play so someone does not injure themselves. Winning a point is never that important.
  • Always wait for play to stop before crossing at the back of a court or returning stray balls to where they belong.
  • Return balls to other courts only when others are prepared to receive them or carefully return them along the fence line so as not to interrupt any play on court or present a danger to others.
  • Return balls directly to the server. Just hitting balls to the back of the court is not acceptable.
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