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Dominic's Hardy Boys - November 19, 2016

Niagara Polo - September 10, 2016
Photos courtesy Joan Coyne and Deb Robert

Dorothy Booth and Mary Lou Turner horse-whispering Back at the Lord Mayor's table
The Bubbly Stroll with Mary Lou Turner, Kathy Buis, Dorothy Booth, Deb Robert, Cate Mee, Wendy Dell

2016 Mixed Doubles Tournament
Photos courtesy Deb Robert

2016 Tournament Champions




A Champions

Holly Anderson & Fran Doran

Peter Tungate & Michael Clarke

Gerry McIlhone & Nancy Berkhout

A Consolation

Danna McDonough & Margaret Hobbs

Dominic Ventresca & Patrick MacNeill

Terry Francis & Fran Doran

B Champions

Darlene Romanowsky & Claire Bryan

Rick Hrga & Andy Fairweather

Shirley Rednall & Jim Thackray

B Consolation

Jill Evans & Mary-Sue Lycklama

Alec Papadimitriou & Kevin Wall

Sonja Schindeler & Rick Hrga

Rogers Cup Day Trip - July 28, 2016
Photos courtesy Joan Coyne

Before: Danna McDonough preparing to serve at the targetAfter: Holding the prizes she won

Breakfast at Wimbledon 2016
Photos courtesy Deb Robert

Lil Cohen's Monday Group in Wimbledon Whites - July 4, 2016
Photo courtesy Joan Coyne

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